Contemporary Expressionist

Painting connects us profoundly with the earliest forms of human expression

Ian Rayer-Smith is an accomplished painter whose work draws from various sources, including the old masters and contemporary culture.

My artistic inspiration draws from various sources, as much from the techniques of the Old Masters as it does from our everevolving contemporary culture. My primary aim is to create paintings which deliver a powerful emotional impact, or which exude a captivating force of energy. For me, the essence of painting lies not so much in what is represented, but rather in how it will affect the viewer. My art is an amalgamation of influences, from the Abstract Expressionists to the Renaissance, combining emotional rawness and mark-making with the timeless elements of composition, light, and movement.

My work is further shaped by contemporary culture and my own personal experiences. I infuse a classical essence into my
creations while exploring new visual paths, ultimately delving into the very purpose of painting itself. My pressing urge is to use
paint to explore new forms which will ultimately carry emotional weight. I try to never recreate an image. Instead, I may use it as a
reference point for moving from one painting to the next. I want my paintings pose a series of questions, rather than offering clear-cut statements or narratives. I find joy and satisfaction in this pursuit, as the process becomes a reflection of my continuous search for something that may remain elusive-an exploration without an endpoint.

Art making is a timeless form of expression predating formal spoken languages which has accompanied humanity for millennia. It
transcends the boundaries of words. This enables me to communicate emotions and ideas beyond verbal articulation. There is an
undeniable joy in exploring this fundamental and endless aspect of art. We all possess an innate capacity, and the need, to express ourselves visually. This creative urge remains as strong today as it was when our ancestors lived in caves. The language of painting remains a profound means of fathoming the world and sharing the depth of human experience.

Ian Rayer-Smith

Constant exploraration

In his paintings, he seeks to connect with man's earliest forms of self-expression and create a strong sense of emotional impact or energy.

Rayer-Smith strives to bring cohesion to his visual language, which is harmonious yet disruptive, and he believes that contemporary art should pose questions rather than provide answers. His work explores new forms and optical paths while infusing a classical feel, balancing the tension between tradition and innovation.

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