ian rayer-smith

Art Experiences

I am a member of Art Experiences, an international organisation offering unique one to one creative experiences with professional artists. These experiences cater at all levels to those who want to gain an an insight into the creative world of a particular artist and the way they work.

I offer this at my Manchester studio with carefully created programmess of learning that are catered to the individual. The visitor is encouraged to work freely under my guidance and also for us to create work together. It’s all about the process and having fun, rather than having a particular end goal.

The experience is suitable for anyone who wants to free up and explore creative expression, from those with previous art experience to those who simply want to get started on their creative journey.

Please visit https://artexperiences.co.uk for more information and to booking enquiries.  

Please note that my studio is on the ground floor and has suitable access and facilities for all visitors.